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We are a group of investors, who have mastered the art of trading options instead of buying the actual stock. The profit margin trading options is so huge that one can experience as much as 2000% profit. Over the years, we have made lots of money trading options, we figured out that we could also help others trade these options and share the risks and rewards that come with option trading.

We can pretty much trade any kind of stock options, we go by earnings calendar. From Apple, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and many others.

No, you can only credit your account using a dollar card; all transactions are in US Dollars. Your earnings also reflect in US Dollars.

Your profit on the trade is displayed on your dashboard as soon as we complete the trade; funds are credited directly to your bank account.

Withdrawals can be made at any time, as soon as the contract period of the options over, the % of the profit will be added to the group. At that point, you can initiate a withdrawal request. The process is easy and fast

No, you are buying options of the stock, either a call or put option, in other words, based on analysis we are saying a particular stock will rise or fall at a certain date, if that happens, we profit immensely regardless of the situation of the stocks so long as our analysis are accurate.

As a client, you can join any group so long as it is available for trade; we suggest you do so at least 3-4 days before the trade. In other words a group represents a company like Tesla, Amazon, Facebook etc. There are other participants just like you who are all in the group, as soon as earning is declared your profit will be updated for you and others in the group, this will be based on how much you invested in the group.

Yes you can join as many groups as you can, remember groups have limit to the number of participants

Some groups have minimum amount to join, you can invest with the minimum amount or higher, find out by logging into your account.

No, USA residents or citizens are not eligible to participate; this is exclusive for those who are international and unable to benefit from the options trade due to geographical restrictions/limitations