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About us

Stockmarketly is a seasoned & innovative Stock and Options trade alert service. We are an experienced team of traders with a combined 25 years of market knowledge, in multiple markets. The Stockmarketly team has excelled at finding the proper investments, based on risk reward ratios. Our track record over the years has proven that our system is successful for traders in multiple markets, and multiple market scenarios.

Years ago our trading team began educating less informed traders with a goal of simply teaching them how our data was synonymous with market movements; thus developing profits in their own personal finances. After seeing great success with our strategy, and helping many investors, we developed a system that will allow international audience participate and benefit financially in a bid to positively impact traders in all levels of the market. We began with strictly Stock Position Alerts, but since have evolved with modern market conditions, and have incorporated Options Strategies that have proven large capital gains while maintaining minimal risk.

Our services at Stockmarketly include, market conditions pending, providing you with weekly Trade Alerts. These alerts contain; buy and sell ranges, target ranges, and stop losses. Options alerts are available for international audience.

Proven Success

90% Trade Success Improvement! Our Trade signals and Trade Challenges track record have produced 85%+ winning trades accompanied with a disciplined money management plan has guaranteed our members constant growth in their trading accounts.


Our Trade approaches have a big impact on our overall trade success. We have simplified our trade signals to fit any trading style, regardless of account size, trade permissions, trade experience or time availability. Our Strategies allow you to trade profitable opportunities in small and large caps stocks we also offer cutting edge options strategies that is sure to help grow your trading account.

Trade Signals

Our Trade signals include detailed information on all our Stocks and Options alerts, we provide detailed research information and technical trade analysis accompanied with suggested "Entry" & "Exit" signal ranges accompanied with "Stop Loss" points. We leave no stone unturned when we send out trade Signals.